BM is dedicated Labour supply and recruitment company specializing in construction. At the core of BM Human Resources & Constructions Limited is its founding team consisting of highly skilled and proficient individuals who are committed to revolutionizing the construction experience for both employers and workers.

Our team is committed to providing all you construction services

Equipped with over a decade of professional experience in the field, our team comprises of recruitment officials, site coordinators and office staff, specializing in time conscious recruitment and supply of construction workers. Having served as industry-leading providers of high-value construction solutions, we are firmly committed to delivering services of the highest quality for each of our projects.

Our Staffs

While our office staffs are responsible for timekeeping, payroll, reducing your overheads and all other administrative work, our specialized recruitment team is there to locate the candidates best suited for your project.

All assembled workers within our extensive database are scanned thoroughly for quality, competence and suitability for the project at hand. All our workers are interviewed and tested for compliance with safety standards in their particular trades. They are briefed about details of their task requirements, particulars about the construction site and safety standards prior to commencement of work.

Our site coordinators and recruiters visit and carefully review all construction sites beforehand in order to gather all technical information relevant to the project, while also evaluating which individual skills are required for projection completion. Site coordinators are always present at the site to supervise and monitor the workers and to keep an eye on their performance. They are also responsible for assisting clients with the on-site management of workers. Compliance with safety standards is always at the forefront of our priorities. Our workers receive monthly training sessions conducted by our Site Coordinators where they practice suitable on-site safety measures.